You are invited:

  1. Vocational training schools and businesses with in-company training can apply for MPTA membership.
  2. TVET trainers, experts, and vocational skills development personnel can also apply for MPTA membership.

Membership Benefits

The MPTA members will have the opportunity to
  1. Participate in sharing session of TVET experience and knowledge, and technical know-how programs among MPTA members.
  2. Participate in vocational and other related capacity-development programs.
  3. Extend the vocational training and services of members through the TVET network of MPTA.
  4. Create and seek more practical experience and employment opportunities for the trainees of member schools by collaborating with MPTA’s partner organizations.
  5. Participate in vocational development projects assigned by the MPTA.
  6. Collaborate with MPTA in the developing process of formulating measures for vocational development policies needed for the country.

MPTA Membership Criteria

Membership Fees

1)For training center, company, and institutes  
Registration fees 100,000 MMK (one time payment)  
Annual fees 50000 MMK. 
2)For individual members 
Registration fees  500,000 MMK (one time payment) 
Annual fees 20,000 MMK. 

Membership Application Form(Training Center/Company/Institute)